Brandon Cope
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1989-  Brandon was suppose to be a girl with my first sonagram so my baby shower Tef had for me was all about a girl.  We were going to name HER Ashlie Paige or Britnie Paige but when I became "in trouble" I had another sonagram and the guy taking it said that my "son" looked GREAT.  Guess what MY blood pressure shot up and I had to stay the night and the photo said it all.  I had a SON!!!! YEAH A SON!!! So for the next couple of weeks I took every thing back and got BOY stuff.  Repainted the room and got prepared for a boy.  What to call my son???? Had not thought of a boys name.  We started with Charles Scott Cope But I just could not do that to him. Them A few other names came to mind but nothing really sat well with us. SO soon we came up with Branden but I wanted part of my dads name in it so I just did Brandon as my dad was DON. Then Scott from his dad.  So there it was Brandon Scott Cope Or BS for short....... 

Brandon was due Oct 31st. So when I went in for a sonagram to figure out where he was, efaced and dropped he was neither of those things on the 30th. So they said to just hold out maybe we got the dates wrong. Cool I am over due and I am suppose to just hold on.....

Brandon was born at 759 am at Providence Hosiptal in Anchorage, AK on Nov 14th.  He had still not dropped but since he was "over due" they were worried about him getting to big and him lossing his supplies in there.

He took so long to be born that they were threating to to a C-section if he was not born by 8 am.  The arms of Teffany and Scott were about to fall off rubbing the back of Brandon's poor mom  the whole day and night before Brandon decided to come and grace the world with his big head. It took so damn long to get that boy out.  He was just so happy to be where he was.  It was comfy up there in the womb why come out into the harsh world and face it?

He soon did and was a 7lb  10 oz 21 inch bundle of total boy. He had one BIG head.  I called him my Charle Brown head cause it was so big.  (but he grew into it) He was very aware from the start.  They sat him on my stomach and he started to look around and was just looking at everything. Teffany was my best friend and was there for the whole thing.  She was great.  Without her fists in my back I would have not made it.  Her and Scott did a great job helping me through it all.  
Brandon was a very healthy baby.  Dr Bryant was there to deliver him.
It did not take him long to learn to breast feed. It did take his mom a little while to get the hang of it and not to keep switching until he was full.....  That boy could eat and eat...But when "things" got sore I became aware of the facts.

I tried to go to school and work while I was pregnant with him but after I had him I just worked at Price savers.  I hated it.  I missed him every second I was away from him.  I went back to work after 7 weeks. After Christmas holidays.  It was hard to leave my son at daycare and be at work. I missed him so much.


I went back to work when Brandon was very small.  I hated it. The new year was New to us having a new baby.  Brandon was just over 6 weeks old. Kathy Slack was helping us watch him along with our neighbor.  He was not really happy with the sitter or with us for that matter. Brandon was a colic baby. He cried ALOT.

We were the first of our friends to have a baby, SO IT WAS DIFFERENT.  WE were new parents and did not know alot about having a baby. We did the best we knew how.  Our freinds thought we could just keep on hanging out and going places with them and it was not that way anymore. It was hard.

 Scott worked at Pay N Pak and I was working at Price Savers.  

Brandon was such a great gift to us. This year was a year of firsts. I was breast feeding him.  This was the best thing for him and myself.  I had a closeness with him and he stayed very healthly. I even packed up the breast milk for the sitter because he would not drink formula.

He said his first words, took his first steps,got his first set of teeth in this first year. 1990 was a year a change for all of us with Brandon in our lives. He was a true gift to his dad and I. I loved Brandon with very fiber in me. When I lost my job in Dec of 90 I was so glad to be able to stay home most of the time with Brandon.  I missed him so much when I was working full time.  It was more expensive to work with the  drive, lunch money(food) and the new sitter we had to find that cost $25 a day, along with everything else that came up with working,so I stayed home with him. We lost half our insurance but we gained so much more with me getting to stay home with my son.

He got so big so fast the first year. He grew so much.  Brandon was in the 90%. He was a great little boy. He was so full of life always wanting to see what it had to offer.  He was a handful. . He did not want to sleep much in fear of missing out on something. I was learning so much each and every day with him. He was so cool to have around.

I started to watch a few of my ex-coworkers kids to bring in a little extra money and so started my daycare business. This also gave Brandon someone to play with which was nice for both of us. He was not jealous either. He knew I was his mommy.

Scott and I were Bowling every Monday night and Brandon really like that. He liked all the people holding him and giving him attention. He got to see Grandma Edna and got spoiled too. He really like seeing his grandma.


Brandon had started to just learn to walk.  He was a late walker as he had hit his head at the bowling alley when he was about 11 months old and had enough of that. SO here he was just over 13 months old walking around a little more. He was a big kid and was kind of clumsy.  He was very smart. He was talking so much. He just loved to go out places ie shopping with his grandma Edna and myself.

Brandon was learning so many new things. He was such a curious kid.

Brandon started to talk like crazy. He liked to go over to Cays house . We went over there, she came over here. She was pregnant with Chistopher at the time so she had alot of down time not working.

Brandon was getting so big. he was getting ready to turn two in 1991. He loved his trains.  We would take him to the train station or the park so he could see them. We even got to ride one with him. He thaught that was so cool.

Nov 14 he turn TWO. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine Party.  His WHOLE room was Thomas the Thank Engine. He had a great Party. Some of the neighbor kids came over. My Uncle Edward and his family came over, Cay, Donnie, my mom, Scotts mom and dad, sister and family. Brandon had a great time.

He was 2 now and nothing was going to stop him. Christmas came around and he got even more Thomas stuff and clothes. He was getting to be a real 2 year old too. He had his own thoughts on how things should go down. I was still breast feeding him as he would not give it up but it was okay with me as I liked being close with him. He ate alot of different foods but friut was the best. He was a picky eater.


A New Year with New promises and New hope. Brandon is two and is fighting naps so much but I really do not care if he took them or not. I was at home with him full time so it did not matter. He was showing some interest in soccer so we got him a ball for Chirstmas. He loves Video games. Love to watch his dad, Scott and his uncle Donnie play.  He would sometimes have a controller and he thought he was playing along with him. It was cute.

Brandon was completely potty trained even at night. That was really nice. No more diapers. So Scott and I talked about having another baby. It was about time. So we started trying in July and BAM we were pregnant with our next child. I was still doing daycare and enjoyed it alot.

Cay had her son Chritopher on March 26th 1992. He was a little red head like his mom. Brandon liked to go over and see him but I was having some problems with Cay.

Brandon enjoyed going to the doctors with me and he got to see "his baby". One night we were sitting in the living room and Brandon come up to Scott and I and says," My baby brothers name is JEREMIE TODD," we looked at him and asked him to say it again and he did. We looked at each other and smiled but then the lights went on and off. So we asked Brandon to say it one more time and the lights flickered again. OKAY your baby brothers name is Jeremie Todd.... So it was. He loved the idea of having his own little brother. He would sit next to me and put his ear up to my stomach just to listen. It was so cute.

Brandon turned 3 on Nov 14, 1992. He had a little party with the neighbor kids. They all had alot of fun. He was a big 3 year old and had a TUDE to go with that. He was a handful but I loved all the time I got with him. He seemed to read people well and we figured out that he was an old soul. He just connected to so many people.

Christmas came around and Brandon made out once again. He loved opening up all his gifts on Chistmas eve and then going over to Auntie Lizs house on Christmas day to open up more. Scotts mom and dad would all be there so it was nice for him to see his dads side of the family.


Brandon did not handle the fact that we had to leave him for the first time in his life very well. I was pregnant with Jeremie and it ended up that I had to be shipped out to Seattle to have him. That meant leaving Brandon here with UNCLE DONNIE.  He loved Uncle Donnie but to stay with him was another story.  Donnie stay at our house with him but that did not matter to Brandon. Oh NO he screamed,cried and beat the door of his room when Donnie tried to get him to go to sleep at night or was in time out.

It broke my heart to hear that Brandon was missing us this much. I wish we could have taking him with us but Jeremie was at risk and I did not want to lose Jeremie and have Brandon have to deal with that. So we get to Seattle and told that Jeremie was doing okay and that we were going to "wait it out." oh no I was not due for another month and I was not going to "wait it out. " My mom and husband had to go back home to go to work. BAM my heart started to work overtime and the next thing I knew we were getting ready to have a baby the next morning.......

I was not going to say there all alone. I missed my baby at home and to be without my support group for a month. NO WAY... So I had Jeremie TWICE.. YEAH TWICE, once in the hallway where the lady said "no" and pushed his head back inside and then again in the "room" where it was "clean"..  Like her hand was "clean'.....

So 5 days away from mom and dad and Grandma Edna we came home with Jeremie Todd Cope. 6lb 6 oz a month early but very health. Jeremie was born March 13, 1993. Kyle was in Seattle at the time. FOr that Scott was thankful. He got to go out a little while I was stuck in the hospital. I got to send my a-day in the hospital after having Jeremie the day before.

Jeremie and Brandon were 3 years, 3 months, 30 days apart. Brandon loved to hold him and to feed him. He did not really understand that mommy was the one that needed to feed him but we worked things out so he could help.

At first Brandon loved the idea of having a baby brother. I was still  doing daycare  and that gave Brandon other children around. He was such a big helper with them and with Jeremie.

Nov. 14.1993 Brandon turned 4. He had a Cool party.  Grandma Edna made the cake. The neighbor kids were all here. So many of them it was scary.  They loved the pinta'. It was really cool.

Christmas came around and Brandon liked it so much because he got to open his gifts and Jeremie's. He opened them and handed them to Jeremie it was such a happy time.


Jeremie turns one on March 13, 1994.  Brandon liked that as he got to help him eat his cake. He likes to help feed Jeremie alothough Jeremie really likes to get in there with his hands and eat it himself. With having Brandon around Jeremie started to eat people food at 9 months and gave up on the breat so after that.

Brandon learned so much. He got down the whole ABC by sight and can do 123's all the way passsed 100.  We were working on shapes. He is was just so quick with it all. He was not able to go to school this year as his b-day was in Nov so he stayed with me another year which is okay ,he was not really good with his mechincal skills-writing with a pencil yet and holding onto siscors. He was so darn stubborn. He loved to bulid blocks.  I had concerns about the placement of the kindergarden being at the highschool. I was hoping when Brandon started the next year it would be at an elementary school not Dimond.

Brandon turned 5 on Nov 14, 1994. He is so big for his age. Just height wise.  He is going to be a tall thin boy. Not skinny but the right size. He had a nice party.

He still liked having Jeremie around because he had someone to be with. We went to Hawaii for x-mas with Grandma Edna. Brandon, Jeremie and I. Scott could not get the time off so we went without him. This is were Jeremie started getting his frist taste of McDonalds. Grandma and Brandon were giving him french fries. :) Brandon loved Hawaii. He got to play at the beach and see so many new things. It was great. Brandon loving to shop enjoyed it so much when Grandma went shopping at the huge malls there. Everything was decorated for christmas so it was even cooler. He even got to see Santa.


went to school.
first grade in a new school. Kincaid
Codie was born early. May 28. 6 pounds 12 ounces. Brandon loved his youngest brother. 2nd grade with Mrs. Story. SHe was so good with him.
grandpa Charles gets news he has cancer agian. He died.
went to Disney World. Brandon had it rough. Got a double ear infection. Had to go to the ER. It was a trip for ER visits. Jermie fell out of bed and had to have staples out in, I broke my ankle on Xmas day. OUCH!

Was having a good time with Mr. Agustine in the 4th grade. He was a good teacher for Brandon. Mr hoyer was te new man in charge and Brandon made sure he got to know him.....He was hanging with his friends and a new girl Frankie.

went into 5th Grade in Sept.

Things are looking up.
7th grader at Romig! Made the  Junior youth sympohy Orchestra for the city. It was cool. He was so proud of his self. It was hard to work with this and hockey but we did it.
went to Romig. He loved it. He was in Orchestra. He had to change teachers for that class but it all worked out.
Freshman year starts at Dimond. Do to us not talking he thought we could not afford to drive him back and forth to West. I had been driving him back and forth to school for two years already. WHAT??? SO it was hard, the school placed him in simple freshman classes. I had to sign a waiver to place in Biology. He hated the basic classes but they would not put him in honors classes even though he came from a junior high in the district.

Brandon was in the 9th grade and was 15. The semster had just started as the year did. He liked going to West high very much. We had just moved him from Dimond over to West. He was on the West high Bowling team. He really liked that. He was dating a new girl. Him and Frankie had some problems so they ended it. A big part of why Brandon wanted to go back to his friends at West. He just said he did not fit in with the Dimond kids and wanted to move schools.

Brandon played soccer in the summer. He really did not like his coach too much. He tried out for West Highs team and made it but soon quit due to foot problems.

He started the 10th grade in Sept. He was happy to go back to school and be with his friends. In Nov he turned 16.

Hockey was in full swing and Brandon would go to his brothers game every now and then.


Brandon was in 10th grade and had a very bad year from the word go. In FEB when he was refeering he was attack by a parent on the ice. He injured his arm and stopped refing. He was already down with life because his girlfriend at the time and him were having problem that soon ended their relationship. He was mean to her afterwards and things go ugly at school. He did mange to keep his grade up with all this going on. He missed alot of school. He did really well on the HSE test. So he did not have to worry about taking those any more.

He started his 11th grade year in kind of a damper in Sept. He was no longer playing or refeering hockey. He no longer was playing soccer either. His last year was 2005 and he just did not have fun with it.


Brandon was a Junior in High school. He was getting great grades and was told that he was on track to get the UAA scholarship for his grades and hard work he had been doing in high school.

I was so happy for him but he did not seem all that excited. He was sort of thinking about what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. His big plans were to be with Frankie and to finish high school the coming year. He was asked to play football for his high school and was getting in shape for that in the spring. He went to football camp and it was so cool to see him happy.

Jan-July 2007
Brandon came back. He was so depressed for so long and had come out of it a few months before the new year.  I was so glad. Then like out of the light came Frankie. Frankie came back into our sons life.  I have never seem Brandon as happy as I have seen him before.  She came over in the end of Jan and it was like they had never been apart. The world had reunited these two soulmates. To see the inner happiness inside Brandon again was something I thought I would not see again for a long time.  I knoew someone was out there and would bring it to him in time. The next almost 6 months were so peaceful in our home. Brandon was more at peace and happy. His dad and him were getting along. His outbrusts were alot less. He seemed so much more at peace with himself. He was "IN LOVE". Totally happy with himself and where his life was going.  his friends were all there for him too.  He was helping those he could. The year he had before was so dark and scary he needed the year that he was having.  It was so bright and cheerful. Frankie was great for him.  Chelsea and the West Crew were always there for him too. Nick and Chris were coming around alot more. That was nice.

In June/July he was working out with Frankie to get ready for West football.  He was excited about his senior year. He was talking about his graduation and what he wanted to do afterwards.  He talked about going to Italy with Frankie and then asking her to marry him. It was the first time we heard him talk about the future.  It was nice.   Nick had a baby. Chris was hanging out with Brandon all the time throughout the summer. 

Brandon was getting so much closer to Codie.  It was like these two were friends too.  If Codie could not get through a tough part in a video game Brandon would stop whatever it was and help his little brother. If Codie was out of sorts Brandon would stop and do "something" with him to bring him back. He was turning the negative away from his life. He was turning so much around. It is just sad that it had to end on such a sad note so soon.

july 20, 2007

What a great day it started out to be. The day was very warm. The boys wanted to go to the gravel pit to go riding. Brandon and Dale filled all the bikes up with gas and something just did not feel quite right.  Jeremie thought we should go to the lake on such a hot day and I thought this day we should too. But the others won out. We went to the pits. I was feeling "funny" so I just hung out and took photos of every one not wanting to ride.  When Codie crashed his bike I thought that was why I was having this funny feeling.  We had such a great day together with the boys riding hard out there being together was so great.  They were all so happy and carefree. He grabbed Codie when he crashed and brought him to us screaming and hitting at him. Brandon was so GREAT he rode to the cabin to get some medical supplies for Codie when he got hurt. He rode so fast back there and back and was fine.  What a great big brother he was. But Codie's leg looked pretty bad so took off to the cabin when Codie calmed down.  But the older boys wanted to hang around a little longer. 

I wish with everything in me I would have made them come home with us. But it did not go down like that. They stayed and rode a little longer. Dale and Brandon raced to the road and Jeremie was ahead of them.  Jeremie cut to the trail and they did not.  Brandon got caught out in the road some how.  Dale stoppedBrandon got hit by a car going at least 65 mph and flew across the road. He lay on that road waiting for the ambulance for over 45 minutes. With his whole left side f his body crushed/broken.  We were not aware of this however. Not until MUCH later.

Brandon passed away on July 20, 2007 at the age of 17, While riding his 4 wheeler out at Glenallen. He was hit by a car and died while in route to the hospital. We are not sure what happened that day that took our son away but he was in the road and the car and him some how could not avoid each other and our son died. We just know that he is gone from our lives and that we miss him very much.

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