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Many Blessings  / Miriam Dean (Counselor)
August 20, 2007
The Cope Family,
I only returned to Anchorage last week. I was very sorry to find out about Brandon. It is always hard for me to lose a student in death as each student is like an extension of my extended family.

I was happy to work with Brandon during his years at West High. Thank you for sharing him with me as my student.

Brandon will be a delight to you during your years to come. I hope his memory will continue to bring comfort in your loss.

Many Blessings Miriam Keegan Dean ,
Guidance Counselor
Lord be with you  / Kipp (Friend of family )
August 16, 2007
Dear Tammie and Scott Cope,
We heard of your deep lose in the death of you son.I am Seth Marie Westfall's father and the pastor of this congregation. We all want you to know that we remember your family in this time of grief in our prayers both in worship and in private.

Some of the women of our congregation have formed a Prayer Shawl Ministry and sent you a hand made prayer shawl to offer perhaps a bit of comfort to know that others are thinking of you and praying for you in this time of grief. I offer you my special sympathy as one who opened her heart and home to my grandson, Keone. I cannot begin to understand the pain that both you must be in to have a child die but know that Bonnie and I carry your grief to God in hope that you come through this time. I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this.

Peace be with you in Christ our Lord who became human that God may know our pain.

Rev. Dr. Kipp W. Zimmermann Pastor
(Brooklyn, NY)
Sorry / Sandy Price (Family)
August 20, 2007
Dearest Tammy and Family
We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Brandon. I wish we could have known Brandon. Distance and miles kept the family apart, but did not keep the love we have for you and your beloved family out of our hearts. God blessed you with Brandon and he touched so many lives. We do not know God's plans for our lives, but from your letter Brandon will live on in the lives of others as he was a beloved son and brother. He is remembered in the hearts of his grandparents, great grandparents, his aunts, unlces, nieces and nephews, and friends. I know that God will hold you close in this time of sorry. Please know that you and the family are in our prayers and hearts.
Sandy, Tony, Gregg & Tabitha Price (Elizabethton)
saddness / Martha Jokela (Teacher)
August 17, 2007
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cope and family,

I was so saddened to hear of Brandon's passing. He once was in my Latin class, and I know how deeply Frankie cared for him, so it is a double saddeness for me.

I just ran into the two of them as they were going swimming at the mall, the Sunday before his accident, and they looked so happy and content!

It was just too soon to lose him , and I grieve with you. Sincerely Martha Jokela
sorry / John Baldessari (family friend )
Tammie & Scott,

Just recieved your letter yesterday -- I am so, so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. I think that losing a child has to be one of the hardest crosses in life for a parent to bear. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and you can always call or write if you want to talk...
John Baldessari (Wichita, KS)

to a student  / Liliya (teacher)
August 13, 2007
Scott and Tammie, I was Brandon's Geometry teacher at West high school. Brandon very often came to my classroom during lunch (his junior year) to have small conversation and to see his friends.
I always will remember Brandon as very bright, cheerful and full of life.
I know it is a difficult time for you and you are in my prayers.
My condolences, Liliya Huseynova
miss you  / Zyla (friend)
August 14, 2007
So many people loved and cherished him. I'm glad to have been a part of his life. I loved him then and I still love him. I wish the best for you guys and hopefully one day it won't hurt to think about him. He'll always be in our hearts and that is what truly matters.
Zyla Miller 
When you see a butterfly  / Brytani
When you see a Butterfly:
By Brytani Russell Tampa, FL

When You See a Butterfly
Think of me

When you see a shadow
Don't be afraid

When you see a light,
Think of good things.

But when you see a butterfly
Think of me.

When you see a cloud,
Don't be afraid to try and grab it.

When you see a raindrop.
Open your mouth and let it fall in.

When you feel a hand touch you,
Don't jump away.

When you get all tingly,
Let the feeling last.

When you feel loved,
Cherish it forever.

But when you see a Butterfly,

When you feel like no one is there,
Make sure you know I am,

When you feel like I am gone forever,
Make sure you feel like I am

When you think you have grieved too much,
I know there is always another tear.

For you know I am always with you,
in every way shape and form.

I am always there to protect you,
Even through dangerous storms.

Know that I am right behind you,
Whatever fate decides to put you through.

For I may be gone,

my son  / Scott (dad)
August 2, 2007
Brandon, Im very proud of you. you had developed into a wonderful young adult with unlimited potential. I have enjoyed the last 4 months with you because you had been more than my son, you were my best friend at home, always lending your "old man" a helping hand. Ill love you always. Dad.
Scott Cope (Anchorage, AK)
to a friend  / Kristena Newell (Friend)
July 30, 2007
I Will miss Brandon so much as he was always there for me when I needed him to be.  He would do any thing for the ones he loved.

He would never want any of us to be sad. That is just who he was. I will remember his smile and all his jokes. He will live on in each of us.

I miss him dearly. My love goes out to the family Tammie, Scott, Jeremie, Codie, Frankie and Chris.
Kristena Newell (Anchorage, AK)
to my first born  / Scott Cope (DAD)
Its hard to believe its been only 2 months since you left us. I miss you so much. Life just isnt the same as it was. I know you are with us every day. Your Grandmother Barbara bought a Mayday tree to plant in the yard by the retaining wall you helped me build. Mom, Jeremie, Codie and I will plant it together tonight. It will remind us daily of what you mean to us. I pray that you give me the strength to move on. As hard as it is I cannot give up. To do so would be equal to giving up on you. Your memory will drive me everyday to succeed and move on..

I will love you forever, I will never forget my first born. I'll take care of Tammie, Jeremie, Codie and Myself to the best of my ability in your memory.

Love you always,
Your proud dad. 

to a friend  / Jennifer Reyes (friend)
July 30, 2007
Thank You Brandon, for the time you spent with me. I am so thankful now that we got see each other as much as we did. The many laughs and the few tears we've spent together have, as a whole, have been good. Love you alot, and all of your family too.
Jennifer Reyes (Homer, AK)

Things about my BIG BROTHER BRANDON  / Codie Cope (Brother)

Nice brother
Has a lot of reliable friend
Helpful/mostly helper at video games
Smart Alick
Strong willed
Big brother of Jeremie and Codie Cope
Son of Tammie and Scott
Guitar player
I love and miss you and I always will
Always and forever Brandon Cope

what can I say  / Mom
I miss you. Your b-day is just two days away it I feel it.  Today is Monday. My hard day. I do not know why Mondays are always so hard.  Maybe cause we have hockey,go out and have to put on our "face" all weekend and Monday I just feel blah . It is all so draining. Everyone asking how we are, how things are going,what we are up to.  All the small talk.  We try to be polite and for the most part it is nice.  People really try to help and talk but there are those that make sure that they "stay away" from us like we have some kind of diesese they can catch.  Their loss. WE lost our son and that hurts but we are working through that the best we can.  Yeah some days are worse than others. It is nice when people ask how we are doing, and want to talk about Brandon, I love to talk about him. But some people think it is wrong to talk about the dead.  Most people when we talk we  just say "we are taking it day by day" or "we are doing well, thanks" or "fine" if someone asks for more then we will go from there- otherwise we will just keep things short.  Some people really want to know and others just want to let us know that they are thinkig of us and that is always nice too. 

Mondays are just Mondays. Although Friday is hard too cause Brandon died on a Friday. But not as hard as Monday. Maybe because everyone has to start again on Monday. My house goes back to school and work and I am home "alone" sort to speak. So I have time to my self in the AM to think and be by my self. Time to wonder. Time to be with Brandon and feel. Time to come here on this web site and feel. TO  miss my son. To know the emptiness . Like today I have just Keone so my house is quite and I am alone. I have time on my hands. It is Monday. My quest for the day is to see Chelsea at lunch to give her invites to Brandons Afterlife party on his would be 18th b-day on Wednesday. Then I need to get my blood drawn. My life. 

It finally snowed. ALOT. It is Nov and we finally get snow.  Jeremie is so happy , sort of. I am sitting here waiting for the phone to ring to have to go pick him up from school.  He went to turn himself in for throwing mini corn dogs and an egg at Terri's house on Thursday.  Terri has been saying some nasty things about Brandon and Jeremie has just had it so he took his frustrations out. I can not blame him or be too mad as I think Terri is more in the wrong than Jeremie is here. To bad mouth the dead it just wrong. What is wrong with this kid that he has to do that . I know he did not like Brandon but this is just crazy. Jeremie and my family do not need this kind of torture. To say this things like what he is saying is just unreal. HOW heartless and cruel. Not to Jeremie but to so many other people at Dimond and have it get out there and get back to Jermeie.  To say it to Frankie and Jeremie's Girlfriend and others it is really mean. Just because he is in ROTC and does not think it will get to the "outside",guess what it did and now it has hurt the person and family of the one he hated.... 

Enough of that. I have to get myself off to fight with the music dept. What fun. Never a dull moment.  Jeremie and his rental from 7th grade they say I owe them $170.00 fine for repair. HA I do not think so. That bell was dented when we rented it. 

I Love and miss you like crazy Brandon. Take care of Slinky -Our little ferret die yesterday-he is in your hands now. I am sure he is a playful little thing where you are. We will miss him but know that he is with you and no longer in pain. I knew it would not be long as he was pretty bad Saturday.   (Jeremie again was the one to find him dead last night before we went to bed.) Poor kid.  
Hugs and kisses from here to there, love you lots, mom
for Brandon  / Noah (coach)
it truly saddens me to hear of Brandons passing. He always had a way to put a smile on your face, and lived every day to do so. I will ALWAYS remember him at hockey practices being the stubborn one , but truly being a great soul. Coach Noah.
Brandon was a special player  / Ted Ariel (coach)
To Scott, Tammie,Jeremie & Codie.
 Our thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time. I shall forever be grateful I was able to meet Brandon. He was a very special young man. I know you are proud of him. 

As his hockey coach I learned a great deal from him and having a player with his joy for the game made the task a pleasure. 

My love goes out to all of you, Ted Ariel and Family

so sorry for your loss  / Violeta Moore
Tammie & Scott, My deepest sympathy for the lost of your son, I just spoke to Zyla not long while ago and she told me about the news. She said she couldn't sleep last night, she have a hard time believing and accepting of what happen to him. Even me I'm still crying, I just couldn't believe it, he is too young. I'm really sorry, it must be hard for the whole family, I know you guys are very close, but just hang in there as he is in a better place now, he is a good kid and he will be miss. Once again my sympathy to the whole family. Violeta Moore
Brandon now and forever  / Edna Gibson (grandmother)
you were born while I was in Bonnaire on my first warm water dive---You did not want to come on anyones time but your own. I got home when you were one day old and have been there since. From the crying times, which were many as you were very colicy, to the young child full on wonder and going for the gusto-Got you all dressed up in a tuxedo when you were about two years old and did not see you in one again until you played your viola in concert at the Egan Center.

Remember our family trips, all the fun we had. All the memories no one can take away from us.

In death as in life you gave your all and because of you others live on.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of your life.

You will always be in our hearts and minds. We will miss you forever and keep your memory burning bright.  Keep up your antics so we know you are around.

In loving memory,
Grandma Edna
random thoughts  / Codie Cope (Brother)
I wonder what you would think of me if you were still alive I wonder how much my life would be different if you never died I wonder what your life would have been I wonder if you would have gotten all you ever wanted I wonder how much other people's lives would be, your impact on those around you was far greater than anyone would have thought I wonder why of all people, you were the unlucky one I think about you every single day, its hard to move on in life when you were my biggest, and most important idol. I just want to see you again, I'd do anything just to be able to say my final words and get closure. I never had the chance to say, "I love you." I wonder where you would be right now, getting a dream job, being happily married to Frankie, settling down and having kids. All the things you never had the chance to do because of the cold hard reality of death. There will never be a day that I don't think about you, it always feels like something is missing, and that something will always be missing without you. I want to live my life, doing everything in my power to make sure that I can make you proud of what I have done. Everything I do, I think about you. Every hockey game, I play for you. I don't my for my teammates, the organization, or even mom and dad. I play for you. I love you, and you will always be remembered.
Just because  / Tammie Cope (mother)
So another Birthday has come to pass and I made it through it. I missed having you here to spend the day with and share in the birthday fun and cheer. Just seeing your goofy smile and hearing your laugh that could make everyone come to life make it all worth wild. You always have that quality about you. You could make just about every one smile and feel welcome just by being with you. I guess that is what was so special about you. You were a tender heart to those that you were close to or that choose to get to know the real you. I miss that most about you. That giving tender side, when we could just sit and talk about , well just about anything. It did not matter. Yo were more than just my son you were my friend and I really miss my friend. Having that old soul meant you had a deeper side to you that very few people knew about. It was nice because it gave to a deeper personality and train of thought that you could think outside the box and not have to always be on the main stream when you would talk. I liked that you would talk about many different things not just what kids were talking about these days. I miss that. Although seeing your youngest brother be the little cave dweller you once were is a little weird but I know it is a sign of intelligence. That he needs his space and hopefully like you he will emerge a beautiful butterfly. LOL Okay thats a stretch a wonderful strong young man like you were becoming before you passed away. If he becomes anything like you I will be very proud. I see so much of you in him. So much of you in Jeremie. They are both so Awesome strong young men. You would be so very proud of your brothers. I'm sure you are watching them everyday and smiling. Wishing you could be here to knock them around somethings and other times just to hug they. They have grown up so fine. Done some great things and stayed on the right road when it could have been so easy to turn down the wrong one. But you know I'm a mean mom and don't let go of the reins that easy. :) I brought them into this world and I be damned of I'm going to let them screw their only chance up on my watch. But it breaks my heart so much that I let you down. I could not protect you. That I could not stop you from getting hurt and dying that day. I did not protect you. I did let you down and for that I'm so sorry Brandon. I hope in your next life you make it last longer. But during this one I thank you for the time we had, the love, the laughs, the talks and oh the hugs. I miss your big bears hugs. and your beautiful smile with those eyes that could melt my heart to get me to say yes to just about anything. You boys always do know how to use your eyes to get your mom. but that I guess is why I love all of you so much! Just because you are my boys! Just because........
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