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Graduation / Tammie Cope (mother)

Went to your Graduation. They called out your name. It was in the pamphlet for all to see. I think you were there too. I know you were there. WE all were. Grandma Edna, Grandma Barb, Auntie Liz, Jeremie, Codie, Mitch, Dale, Chris, Frankie, Coral, Kathy, Nick daddy and me. It was great for us all to be there for each other and for you. Wish that you would have been there physically though. I did not get to see any of your friends aferwards and that was really sad. I looked for them but I could not find any of them. I wanted to find Chelsea and Colby and Zack at least but could not. :(

It is so heart breaking that you are gone from here Brandon.Dad and I are just so lost with out you. We just do not know what to do some days. The world just keep on going and we just have to do the same even though it does not feel right. Each one of us wishes on different days we could just sit and refuse to go on with the day but it does not work that way. Damn it all to hell. You just went away. Just poof. What is it that we are suppose to do?

Anyway Graduation went okay. Dad and I went to Dimond's to. Frankie and all your childhood friends DID IT!!!!! We saw and hugged EVERYONE!!!! it was nice. Even Joe Sullivan. WOW. Every has gotten so big. Like you. Dye Dye was so cute and just himself, true form, Biko too. Got some photos with Frankie and her mom even talked with my and I finally meet her step dad. We are going to her party Sat. Not sure if we will stay long as the parties are going to be the harder parts cause that is when people will talk abot their children's lives ect. I know dad and I will not be able to handle a whole lot of that. TOO much heart break.

Service graduation is tonight. Melissa and Kendra. Then they will be over for that part. Then the parties. Ouch!!!

Brandon, I love you so much and miss you more than words can say. You were my heart and soul. My baby boy. So many unanswered questions left behind for us to try to figure out.

Love / Babie Girl (soulmate)

we graduate tomorrow i can't wait i just wish you could be here with me. mom and i are going to buy a dress so i can look pretty. God i miss you so much sometimes, but especially when i know you were supossed to be here. im going on my trip soon. I keep thinking your supossed to be here, your supossed to miss me while im gone and when i get back your supossed to be waiting at the airport so you can hold my in your arms the second i get off the plane and tell me your never gonna let me go again. you never wanted to let me go.i miss you love i miss you so much. god i just to feel your arms wrapped around me one more time, but i know it could never be just once more.this is another song that makes me miss you(well part of it)

 Anderson Keith
Song: Every Time I Hear Your Name

And when the conversation turns to you,
I get caught in a "you were the only one for me",
Kinda thought, and your face is all that I see.
I know I can't go back but I still go back.
And there we are, parked down by the riverside,
And I'm in your arms about to make love for the first time,
And that's all it takes, and I'm in that place,
Every time I hear your name.

I stop thinkin' 'bout the words I left unsaid.
(Every time I hear your name.)
I stop tryin' the change the things I can't change.
(Every time I hear your name.)
In my heart I know you're gone, but in my head,

I feel rain fallin' right out of the blue sky.
And it's the fifth of May, and I'm right there starin' in your eyes.
That's all it takes, and I'm in that place.
And there we are, parked down by the riverside,
And I'm in your arms about to make love for the first time.
And I can't explain, but I'm in that place,
Every time I hear your name.

I love you Always &Forever

i always made you promise to never forget me but now i promise from the deepths of my soul i will never forget day i will see you again.

Hawaii / Edna Gibson (grandmother)

so much fun we had.  South Point was so wonderful...I had lots of fun and saw stars. You seemed gleeful to say the least----I hope the video came out alright...will have to check with Mike---know the photos he took there came out where I put some of your ashes directly out in the ocean.

You were a challenge at Walmart that day let me tell you. Had me go up and down that isle until I found those circa 1899 coke bottle replicas----at least we found them and proceeded from there.


Turtle Beach (Black Sand Beach) was a blast on 04/14/08---all those turtles out there. You got gram in the water even. That video I got to see.  What some people will go for their grandmother to show them the fun.


I also know you like the Place of Refuge---I had some ashes in the car but to walk back there and then back out was just too much for this old lady. At least you got to see it.

Thanks for the memories. It was enjoyable to have you along. The evening of the 14th was also nice as there was a shooting star in the sky. I know that was you.

Love you so very much......One day we will all be together.


Brans poetry just 2 so far  / Baby Girl (soulmate)

Final Words

Burning, twisting, fire ablaze spreading faster and faster feeding its greedy spread claiming all that fall in its way. Like the fire inside her soul burning all you are and leaving wasted ash but don’t be weary out of destruction sprouts something new. A new chance for you to be anyone you want to be, so let flourish and watch all the work the fire did be reversed as the forest grows.

You say it’s over life burned in your eyes don’t give up hope no not just yet she’s not worth your life. Look at the stars on a pitch black night and you’ll see there’s always a brighter place for you to go. Love is out there so what if she was wrong keep your head up. Listen to these final words, love isn’t hard love isn’t wrong when your lover is right.

Growing, thriving, forest grows slowly replacing all the holes till there are none left, still a scare is left to remind what has been. You’re on your gaining strength everyday, show her she can’t claim all she wants and you will stand strong. You have the marks permanent now etched in your skin; don’t give into her lying tears she’ll just try to claim you again leave waste in the path. Let the rains pour down killing the fire and feeding the forest.

You say it’s over life burned in your eyes don’t give up hope no not just yet she’s not worth your life. Look at the stars on a pitch black night and you’ll see there’s always a brighter place for you to go. Love is out there so what if she was wrong keep your head up. Listen to these final words, love isn’t hard love isn’t wrong when your lover is right.

Now the rain falls aiding the growth of this peaceful place and in return the trees keep life going strong. Look at you know better than before with another love on your arm helping you grow as you help her. Look don on the fires and the you can say

It isn’t over life growing in my eyes I won’t give up hope no not just yet you’re not worth my time. Love is out there. So what you were wrong for me, I’ll hang my head high and these are my final words so listen up love wasn’t hard, love wasn’t wrong, cause my lover is right.

-BSC 1/12/08

Life to me feels
 Like its slipping like
 Sand trapped in a clock
  As each grain falls
   Another moment lies
    Forgotten to all
     Including me
      Lost in my
       Own dreams
            Is real 
            And what 
            Is a lie yet
            The sand keeps 
            Falling keeps on
            Slipping past another
            Moment passing until
            The day we say Goodbye

I will love you till the day i die NWWP. I love you Bran and miss you. Im lost without you. Always&Forever Francheska

where is my sign  / Mom

Dear Brandon Scott Cope,

I lost you 7 months ago when you were hit by a car and thrown to the ground. Your body was crushed and broken. You lay on the ground breathing on your own for a short time. The body you had just could not deal with the pain and your past out. You started to bleed inside where no one could see. The Bones that were broken were something that were what we could but the things going on inside we could not. You could not tell us that you were in so much pain and that you needed help NOW, you needed to be in the hospital NOW, you needed to have care NOW, you could not wait that long 45 mins it took them to get to you and then the time it took them to transport you to the hospital. You needed to be loaded up the moment you were hit and go straight to the hospital and been put on the choper that was waiting for you to come to Anchorage. You might be broken and still be in the hosptial if we would have just taken you right then. You were alive on that road that day why did your body give up? You were so young and healthly. You were so strong willed it just does not seem like you to have given up with out a fight. I know you fought. I know that you fought hard. You came back, they got a BP but they lost it because it took so long to get you to the hospital. I blame them for losing you not you. I know you fought so hard to stay with me.

I was mad that you got into the road. You should have never been in that road. There was no reason to be in that road. There is a trial off to the side that Jeremie took but you and Dale took the other way. I do not understand that. You ended up in the road and Dale did not. YOU DIED. He had to watch you get hit and we all have to live without you. I do not understand why you were in the road Brandon. A car took you away from us, that and the ambulance. I lost my baby, my son, my best friend because you were driving too fast and got out into the road? I do not know. I do not know what happened that day. I do not know how you ended up in that road that day. All I have is a guess.

I know that you are sorry. It does not change what happened though. You are gone. I know it was an accident. As you say "shit happens." But this time we lost something very dear to us, we lost you. This effected more than you this time Brandon. This effected so many. Codie is so emotionally wounded, Jeremie is hurt but thinks that he has to be a "man" about it and not talk too much about the loss or what he went through when he was with you when you lay there on the ground in his arms. Your death effected dad, grandma, uncle Donnie, Mitch. Dale, Frankie, Chris, Nick, Chelsea and ME. There are so many more people that are effected each and every day.

I wish I could hear you like Grandma can. I wish I could see you in my dreams like she can. I wish I could feel you like Frankie  and Nick can. What am I doing wrong? I sense you but I do not think that is the same thing as feeling you. I do not feel your arms..wings wrapped around me like Frankie does. Were are you? I know you are everywhere and you can be anywhere in a matter of seconds. That is the great thing about being a spirit. Our bond was so great here on earth,we had a connection that was so wonderful I just do not understand what I am doing wrong that I can not get your wave length. There was no one closer to you than me. You always knew that no matter what happened in your life you could ALWAYS count on mom. I am trying to opwn up and listen to or for you.

NOW for my sign. I asked you for my Eagle and you did not send one this weekend. What is up with that? I saw the little birds, they were cute. :)

May 14 is coming fast. Hope you have that date marked. You better be there to walk that line. We need you there, the whole family will be there to hear/ watch you graduate. ANd stick around to watch FRANKIE graduate from Dimond. You will be the first my love. I miss you so much.

I know you want me to help her. She is not happy with herself. you made her happy. She needs to be happy again but she can not be that way Brandon. She lost that love of her life when you died honey. She can not see love right now. She can not see herself happy or the beauty that she has inside herself. You brought that out in her, you made her feel a love she never had before, you made her feel good about herself and what she looked like. You know that hse has a problem with her outer beauty and that hurts her inner beauty. That is too bad because she is a wonderful person. I will do waht I can BUT I AM NOT YOU.

I LOVE AND MISS YOU. please come and vistit me I need you very badly. PLEASE!!!!!!


Lost Opportunies  / Tammie (mom)

     That is what I call what we have lost  since we lost our son,Brandon, "Lost Opportunies." We lost our hopes and dreams the day that he was hit and killed by that car on July 20, 2007. We will not get to see so many things that we were suppose to see our child get to do. Things such as graduate from high school,got to high school, get married,have children,grow older. Leave a leagacy for the next generation to follow some example. He will never be around to tell stories of his parents or brothers to his children or nieces/nephews. We have to make sure he is remembered rather than the other way around.

     We as parents have to make sure that our own children know that their borther was someone special and did some great things. That he was someone that mattered. That Brandon was here and will not be forgotten as long as we have him in our hearts and thoughts. Brandon is their borther and he is a very important part of our family. We have to keep him close to our hearts and know that we can talk about him so that no feels that they can not say something about him. It is always okay to talk about him.

      We lost a great person when we lost our son Brandon. He had a great life ahead of him. He was going to become a great adult. He had just decided to become a judge, to go to law school.  As a young adult he was becoming such a great person helping his family and his close friends. He was a pistol as a younger boy and was just getting out of that. He found a new way to handle his anger and his life. He found love a few times, for that I am thankful. He got to feel the pain of breaking up and the renewed love of finding his true "soul mate". He found something alot of people never find in their LIFE times that live 100 years. He died with the love in his heart some men never find.

      So many great things my son could have done with his great mind and talent. his love music and his love of people also showed so bright. Now it is just gone. Our home is so much quiter without him here to play his voila, guitar and talk to us about everything or nothing. He was funny that way. For such a large person he would alway have you laughing or wanting to just play fight with him. I miss that SOOOOO much. He was so much fun to play fight with. I could still beat him every once in a while but he was getting too strong for me to beat all the time. :)

      I was so looking forward to his high school graduation this year. More tahn almost anything else he could have done. Just because he had such a hard time with his elementary teachers. He was graduating with honors from high school and it was kind of like saying HA look at me know. I am not that little boy you thought was a problem, I was gifted and bored in your class you just did not know it. Just because he was not a "cookie cutter mold" gifted student they did not understand or get him. Once in Junior high he took off and then in High School wow he was just really good at school and his grades showed it. He liked writing and found a way to keep himself from getting into trouble with that writting. Poetry.

I was also looking forward to him asking his high school sweetheart-his soul mate, he knew since 5th grade, to marry him after they graduated. To finally have a daughter in my home. Then have them go to college and after  that graduation in 4 years then grand babies I would get to spoil. FOR SURE!!!! He was jsut starting to talk about this the month before he died. Before he never talked about the future. He still never talked about children or much after asking her to marry him and starting college. I always thought it was because he did not want to jinx it but maybe he knew something we did not, he told his friends he was not meant to be on this earth a long time. how sad. Maybe that is why he lived like he did. He loved life and lived it.




we miss him  / Kirsten Tobey (Friends)
My brother kyle and i have known brandon since middle school. he was one of my first friends here in alaska. We met in orchestra.. i was a cello and obviously he was viola. his passion for it made me tlk to him. and frm then on we were close. i'd go to him with things i culdn't imagine telling anyone else. he was there to listen to me not judge me. brandon was truly an amazing person. my brother and i miss him so much. at the first dedicated concert, i cried myself to sleep that night. it's weird not seeing him in orchestra everyday. he was the highlight of the class, and our star player. BRANDON WE LOVE YOU!
so sorry  / Mom

It seems no matter what it is always comes down to a fight . Nothing ever came easy when it came to you. This just breaks my heart to the core. Here you are gone from my life and the attorney comes to us and tells us that he can not do this case after 6 months. It just bugs me. 

I know where you were. I understand the time it takes to do a case. He just does not see this case for the merits and that it does not have a HIGH end money and does not want it. We are not after the high end money, we are mad as hell that the ambulance got away with such shitty service and wants us to pay for it. Just does not seem fair we have to pay for that. They should have to pay for medical malpractice. Their equipment failed our child, it failed you. So here we are, we lost our child and we are left with this feeling of guilt that we can not do anything to help.

You were hit by that car. Yeah you got out into the road where you did not belong. That just hurts to know that you were some what to blame in your own death. Yes it was an accident, a freak accident. Bad timing.You sure did not want to be out there we know that for sure. WE know you DID NOT see her coming . It is hard to understand how you ended up in the road and got hit. How you got that far out there,why you were that far out there we will never know. We do not understand why. You should not have been out there, not that far.

Where is there fairness in all this Brandon? I lost my son and now it looks like there is no case to protect you in any way. WE are out a child and there is nothing in the world that can EVER bring you back no matter what we do even if we were to have this case go to court. I just want something for you after all that you went through. This just does not seem fair. Something to say that you were.

What should we do? Get a new attorney or just drop it? The police still do not have a final report out, your bike has still not been released, this attorney tells us that the reports he has been reading really do not settle well with him to make a "strong" case for you. 

I miss you so much and now there is just suppose to be nothing. Just suppose to drop it and let you have been hit and killed and left for dead on the road. It just does not seem right or fair to me. I just can not let this one go, I just can not.  maybe should but I just am not able to. 

Brandon this is so hard. I want to do right by you and the family but do not want to rip the family apart. Or end up lossing everything fighting.

 I love you. hugs 
Blessings.... / Sunny60 M.
what a wonderfful site. Bless you and all that grieve for this wonderful young man.
racing mind  / Mom
As time has gone by I sit here and think, 6 months. My baby has been gone 6 months. Codie wrote half a year, it hit me so hard. Why was it so different from 6 months to half a year. Gee it is the same. but to see half a year just blew me away. It made my mind just go racing. Half a year.Wow. My son has been gone half a year. That just seems so unreal. SO unfair. He would have been going to school and Jeremie would have been going to West with him. What a different life we all we be living right now, even if he would have gotten hit and lived through it at least we would have him with us. No matter what. Having some hope is better than having NO HOPE.  death does that to you, it takes your hope away. It takes so much away. The hope, dreams, future,wishes, it just makes your heart break. Grief is such a hard road to travel. 

Lossing Brandon was so hard on all of us. He was a hard headed person but to me he was my baby. We could talk about everything. The open relationship, friendship we had was hard sometimes but great other times. He knew I would always be there to back him up. I feel good about where we were. I do not have to second guess if he knew I loved him or if he knew how much he meant to me. I told him. I showed him.   My regret is that I did not go to him that day. I do not know why. I always went to him. I do not know why I could not. I froze. I am mad and angry at myself for not going. I wish I would have. Maybe I could have said goodbye, or helped keep him alive. I do not know what kept me from moving from that spot that day. Maybe pure fear that I have never had before. It makes me cry at times. Strange why I could not go. I hate it now. I wish I would have ran to him. maybe he would have fought harder to live if he would have heard me.

My mind races with the what ifs and whys still. Even after 6 months.  Not as much as in the start. It ate at me at first. Now I see Brandon got caught in the road. It was just hard to believe she did not she him but speed and quickness are a factor. It all happened so fast. If he did not see her I quess she could not have seen him..... Just does not seem fair how just 2 seconds in time can change a persons life.
Tis the season  / Tammie (Brandon's mom )

Tis the Season
Tis the season to be missing.
Tis the season to be freaking.
Tis the season to be crying.
Tis the season to be sad.
Tis the season to be broken hearted.
Tis this season to be a stranger.
Tis the season to not want to do it all.
Tis the season to be alone in a room full of people.
Tis the season to be angry.
Tis the season to not have answers.
Tis the season to wonder in thought.
Tis the season to be scared.
Tis the season to be unhappy.
Tis the season to be lonely.
Tis the season to be wrong.
Tis the season to be whatever gets you through.
Tis the season to be upset.
Tis the season to be pissy.
Tis the season to be grumpy. 
Tis the season to be hurt.
Tis the season to feel lost, alone or abandoned. 
Tis the season of bereavement. 2007
why is it?  / Mom
Why is it that every one says to me that my son is in a better place? What the hell.  What better place is there than in my ARMS.  In my heart? Than with me and his family? There was NOTHING WRONG with him.  He was not sick, he was not hurt, he was not old, he was a wonderful, young, healthly teenage boy.  Why is it then people feel the need to say that he is in  a BETTER PLACE? It is driving me Crazy.  I mean a better place. What does that mean. Saying that I was not good enough for him, that his dad and other family was not enough for him that he had to go to a "better place" to find happiness.  That to me right now is just wrong.  It strikes me as wrong. It hurts me.  It is like a slap in the face every damn time some says it to me.  I hate that phrase. A BETTER PACE. What the hell was wrong with this place? He was finally happy here with his girlfriend, his life, he could see the future and make plans for it.  Why the heck was it now that he had to "see the light?" 

For those children that are in true pain and suffering , I am gald that they can "go to a better place" I am. But for us that lose our children to tragic -sudden deaths this "better place TAKES our children. We do on ask for it. It takes them. It is not something I would have asked for that day. Maybe if he would have suffered and we needed to let him go. But I did not get that choice either. I did not even get to say goodbye to my son. Where is the fairness in that?

 My baby was 17 and then he was gone in the blink of and eye. Dead in his borthers arms. Both fear and pride for Jeremie for the rest of his life weigh in on his soul. He has a heavy heart. Loving his borther but knowing he could not save him hurts so deeply. It hurts him and he worries what I think. Do I blame him? Of course not. Brandon yes, Jeremie no. Dale yes. Jeremie went of to the path, Why didn't Dale and Brandon? Brandon would be here today if Dale would have followed Jeremie because then Brandon would have followed Dale.  But because they were racing they got caught up in that not where they were going. It is not a blame game. Fault lays in the dead and the living. Brandon knew his brakes were bad, hell they all knew that, he knew he was riding too fast, got into a situation and when he looked up his was getting hit by a car.  He did not see it coming. The car was just there. Like from no where. Just there. Dale and him did not see it coming.  Dale said that he did not see it util it was hitting Brandon, That he was watching Brandon, saw him looking down at his brakes or at his feet and then Brandon and Dale looked up and then they both saw the car hitting Brandon. Brandon was almost at the yellow line. He was almost across the street. he pressed on the gas  to try to get away from the car but she came the same way. She went toward the yellow lines where Brandon was not the White line or ditch as to avoid hitting him. We do not know why. It all happened so fast.  SHe was speeding and he was trying to get out of the road. Scared to death. Oh shit came to mind......

So a better place my ASS. Frankie his bothers, his dad and I would like to say and think WE were his better place. But some day we will meet up with him across the plane and see this place.  But as for Better when the time comes "the RIGHT time" comes it can be called the better place.  I just do not feel that my son should have left us yet. He was working with so many people to teach them to love themselves and to trust what they feel about themselves.  How can someone like that be taken away? That is just wrong when killers run free on streets at night...
He was making the place a better place. He was needed here. Frankie still needed him.
Why / Baby Girl (soul-mate)
why did you have to go? Why did you leave me here all alone?You werent suppose to leave yet. You never said it but there were still so many things left for us to do together. Whose going to protcet me now and tell me its ok.Whose going to make it better when its all going wrong.You were some of the best parts of me. Why did you have to go? Why just tell me Why?WHY?i love you.
Smile! / Babie Girl (love)

Happy Birthday Love!
I miss you so much.I was reading my texts and I sound one that made me smile "'I love you so much babie girl and miss the light you bring to my life babie I now your the perfect one for me always and forever yours brandon s cope". I love you, muah!I wish you were here. NWWP.

thought of you forever and always  / Edna Gibson (grandmother)

will try again to say hi to you and let you know that you are loved so very much. The concert Wednesday was nice and your family was there. The orchestra played a very nice piece for you but the last one they did made me think that in spirit you were there with them.
Why for the trip on the sidewalk, what am I missing?  
Think of you often and how you were there for so many people in life as in death---
Please help Jeremie--he is having alot of trouble and is acting out. We do not want him to go down the wrong path--
Keep an eye on all of us while you are floating  around the starts ever so bright and happy.
love grams

Do you miss me too?  / Babie Girl (always and forever )

"Don't blink
Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your "better half"
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don't blink "
      I closed my eyes and you were gone without a good-bye, the last words i heared yuou say were I love you baby good night.

"It ain't fair you died too young, 
Like a story that had just begun, 
The death tore the pages all away, 
God knows how I miss you, All the hell that I've been through, 
Just knowing no one could take your place, 
Sometimes I wonder who you'd be today"
      I think about you and where we'd be today. Would we be happy, the way we were always ment to be? I miss you and my heartaches. I'll never know what was going to happen, the words you were ment to say. Always and forever, my heart will never break. Cause you will always be the key that holds it in place. Your all the pieces that make my puzzle complete. your the one i want lying next to me. Hold me close and take my last breathe, together we will lay forever, in this place they call love.( Im sorry, I miss you)

"Our song is the slamming screen door,
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
Cause it's late and your mama don't know
Our song is the way you laugh
The first date "man, I didn't kiss her, and I should have"
And when I got home ... before I said amen
Asking God if he could play it again "
   This song makes me laugh and think of us. I remember when you broke the screen door and put it back hoping your dad wouldnt notice. When we'd talk on the phone for hours, even after your mom siad, no.I remember your laugh and how it usually followed something goofy i did or just when i was being "cute".As for kisses, well, muah, I love you(giggle)!

A Song For You  / A.
Some believe
A star shining brightly in the heavens
Represents the love of someone they can't see
Others feel
The butterfly dancing in their garden
Is a symbol of a spirit flying free

But when a gentle breeze caresses your hair
Or you see an eagle soar in the air
Should you smile and remember me in prayer
Oh, I will be there

There's no need to say good-bye
One day we'll be together
Remember me and smile
I'm in your heart forever
I'll feel the love you send
Until we're together again

Close your eyes
You'll find me sailing in the sunset
Riding waves of bluest oceans ever seen
Holding hands
Of all the others here before me
My head upheld to hear the angels sing

I can do all the things I've always dreamed of
I'll be watching over you from above
Don't worry about me because
I brought along all your love

There's no need to say good-bye
One day we'll be together
Remember me and smile
I'm in your heart forever
I'll feel the love you send
Until we're together again

It doesn't matter where you are
My love will shine upon you from that star
Like the butterfly, now I'm free
Ascending through the sky peacefully

(final chorus)
There's no need to say good-bye
One day we'll be together
Remember me and smile
I'm in your heart forever
I'll feel the love you send
All the love you send
And you hold on to the love I send
Until we're together again
NOW AND FOREVER  / Edna Gibson (grandmother)
Hello Brandon, 
Will try and send you a note again. the last one went to never never land. Had a nice afternoon with your mom, brothers and Uncle Donnie. We all Went to the Bears Tooth and had pizza and watched Ratatooni---

After the movie your mom took Jeremie to practice and Donnie and I stopped by and saw your viola in the case. It is lovely,mom wanted it done before the next concert the 7th of November.

The first concert was lovely. Your mom taped it---It was in memory of you. Had a lovely music stand with musical notes and your name on the stand---your mom put your letter jacket on the stand. It was all very moving.

You are so loved and so missed. You will be in our hearts forever and ever----we will hold tight to the memory of you anc cherish you to the stars and beyond.

Love you, love you, & miss ya lots.
Grandma Edna
peace and love  / Gabreille Willis (teacher)
Dear Tammie and The Cope Family

Thank you so mcuh for you extraordiniary generosity in memory of Brandon. I learned so much from working with your son during the past two years.  I really miss his amusing stories and philosphies on life.  He always made my 7 am much brighter with his cheery visits @ my office door. I was really glad to see him blossom during high school.  He had so mcuh to offer the world.  GONE WAY TOO SOON. He was in my life for a reason and I MISS him EVERYDAY. peace and love, Gabrielle Willis.
stories from the orchestra class  / West High Orchestra The Ones That Care (West high Orchestra )
I can't imagine how hard it was to deal with the death of a son, friend and brother.  I truly have No idea and I'm SO sorry it happened to you.  Orchestra is a class in school that is not often thought of for funds.  What your doing collecting $ for West orchestra is amazing.  It will benefit us SO much. THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU.  Lauren Roberts  

I didn't know Brandon all that well, but I know that he WAS a funny guy.  The other orchestra class liked him alot.  He definitely stood out at the concerts!!  I'm so sorry about what happened to your son. What you're doing for the orchestra is amazing. Na'le'na 

I knew Brandon rather well.... He has been in orchestra with me since I first started in 6-7 grade.  He was my first friend in middle school and he was a GREAT person to have around.  He was the brother I never had.  I am SO SORRY for your loss.  And will miss him greatly.  Always, Kirsten Tobey

Though I never really knew your son, I feel very close to him. because I play viola.  I know what an amazing instrument it is and I'm sure he loved it as I do.  I am sorry for your loss, but thankful for your donations in his memory, Elaine. 

I really wanted to say that I am so sorry about your son: I went away from my family for a week, and my mom cried every night so I can just imagiane what you must feel like lossing Brandon forever.  I am so very sorry. Losing someone special is hard, and I can't even comprehend what you are going through. He was a great person and was so full of spirit.
On the other hand, Thank you so much for you donation to the orchestra, that was so sweet of you, love Oein Beackmore

I got to know Brandon a bit in school.  He was one of a kind.  I really did not know much about him outside orchestra but the orchestra will not be the same without him here. I miss him. Cayton Cox 

Thank you for the donation.  I'm really sorry about Brandon.  He was a really cool person and I really liked how passionate he was about his music.  He was truly a great person and musician.  I know he would have had a blast playing one last year as a senior.  WE will really miss him this year. Just wondering what he would have done to finish off the concerts.....

I have known Brandon since the 7th grade at Romig.  At first I thought he was a little weird but through out the years became my friend.  I'll miss him dearly.  Nicole Hankins. 

I meet him when he came over from Dimond high school.  I knew him from Zyla.  I thought he was the coolest person.  he talked to everyone not just to certain people and anyone who knew him won't forget him.  He was cool that way.  Also thanks for the donation Brandon would be so proud .he was cool like that too. Always giving what he had if someone needed it,  Thanks. 

I am sorry for your losss. I hope you are doing well and are geting through this.  Even though I didn't know him , I feel like he is a part of me.  The world has lost a wonderful viola player, which is terrible.  Thank you so much for the money for the West high orchestra, Love Tully Sandborn

I am sorry for your loss and Brandon will live in our hearts and in our class room forever.  He was a big, funny person and those who knew him knows he will be around for a while making sure things are still playful..... 

I may not have known Brandon for very long, not that you had to, to get to know him..... but in the days at West in our Orchestra class I got a chance to talk, joke, and laugh with him.  Even now I remember the time we spent together.  I MISS BRANDON!!!! Sincerly Gina G. 

I didn't know him very well, but I did ENJOY talking with Brandon during class.  He ALWAYS had entertaining conversations.  In deep sorrow, I'm REALLY going to MISS him Sincerley Veronica Parrish

Sorry for your loss, Brandon will stay in many hearts forever, thank you for your donation, sincerly Nate Berry

My name is Winter Powell, and I also a Violist.  Though I did not know Brandon very WEll, I find it EASY to say he was the MOST ENTHUSTIASTIC violist I HAVE EVER MEET.  He had his own intersting way of DOING THINGS.  For this reason I RESPECTED HIM DEEPLY>>>>> WE WERE LUCKLY TO HAVE SUCH A STRONG ADDITION TO OUR GROUP!!!!!!

I would like to first thank you for having and raising such an strong willed individual.  I'm glad I met him and learned more than I wanted to:0.  He was a cool friend to have around.  Not afraid to say his mind. I have known him for a really long time and he stayed true to himself. Loved his music and stayed with it. Anyways,thanks for everything you have done for our class.  Zackary Nelson

Thank you guys so much for the donation to the orchestra.  Brandon was a GREAT kid.  ALWAYS entertaining- and he loved his orchestra class.  It might have been his favorite class of all.  I'll always remember how entertaining he was-both within and without class and how musically he played and improved the orchestra.  Sincerely, Dylan Baker

Brandon had to have been the MOST enthusiastic violist throughout the West high orchestra.  He was Always an inspiration and still will be.  Thank you so much for the donation. Natavie Todel

Although I have little memory of Brandon- Something I will NEVER forget was his UNIQUE personality.  I am so sorry for your loss, and wanted to say thank you very much for the donation help to our class.  Kayla Eichholz

Brandon was very energized and always made people feel welcome.  I am very sorry he passed way. 

Brandon was really LOUD at times but he ALWAYS was full of orchestra SPIRIT.  I always likes to see him HEAD BANG at concerts.  He was a great guy and I'm sorry you lost him so early. From Erik D

Hello my name is Talon and I knew Brandon since 7th grade.  He was a cool guy and such an individual.  He kept me out of trouble.  He was someone I knew that would stand on his own.  I hope you guys are doing okay.  I miss him too.  Talon Keitt.

I'm sorry for your loss. I never knew Brandon that well.  I did have him in several of my classes over the years.  He was always very up beat about playing his viola and coming to class..  I remember once I was having a BAD DAY during orchestra our freshman year and he came out in the hall and put his headphones over my ears then pushed play.  The music was loud..... but it cheered me up nonetheless.... He was just that way also thank you all for the donation.  he would be proud of that too. Take care, Ariel Lee Evans 

Brandon and his memories will always live on through the WEST ORCHESTRA.  He definitely made a fabulous impression on everybody and there is NOBODY who was more into playing their viola than him.  I am greatly sorry for your loss. Quinsey. 

Brandon was one of my GOOD friends.  I heard the news from our friend Zack that Brandon had died, it blew me away.. I wanted to go to the memorial services but It was on my sisters wedding day.  I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly miss my friend Brandon. We had some good times.  Best wishes to you and your family.  Brendan Call

From knowing Brandon since 7th grade. A loss such as his in this school is different. His musical abilities are to be missed as much as he himself will be.  Sorry for you loss.  No matter what he will ALWAYS be in yours and our hearts. Kyla Tobey
PS Thank you for for donation to something he LOVES/ed  Doing for he will be here in spirit. Again thank you so much.

I don't claim to have known  Brandon very well.  I only knew him for a year.  I don't claim he was perfect He had his flaws...... BUT he was a dear friend of the orchestra, and especially MYSELF, and his memory will endure for a lifetime..... Myrlin -BASS #2

I am sorry about your son.  I am a year younger than he was but have known Brandon since the 7th grade from orchestra.  I am a shy and quite kid and he always was very friendly. Thank you for your donation to the orchestra.  I think that it is an honor to his memory and something he would really have appreciated.  Thank you so much.  Lindsay Cason -Cello

Thank you all so much for the donation fund.  We all support you and miss Brandon very mcuh. You know as well as we do that he would be so proud of your strength and contribution.  He will always be in our hearts.  XOXO Kelly 
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