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Memorial Road sign  
Brandon Scott Cope will get a memorial road sign placed up in the place were Mrs. Daisy and Brandon crashed and Brandon was hit and killed.IT will be at Mile 155.5 of the glen hwy near Glenallen. Near the gravel pit were he was coming out of close to where he dead. The sign will just have his name and PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY on it. We will be placing flowers and a some other some things there when it goes up this spring. It has taken some time to get this sign but it has been well worth it to see it go up. Our love for Brandon is ever lasting and now he will have a sign to be remembered by. Maybe others will take a second and think about him or other bikers and slow down or watch the roads for them out there. It only takes a second! Miss miss him every day!
Brandon's poems so far  
Final Words

Burning, twisting, fire ablaze spreading faster and faster feeding its greedy spread claiming all that fall in its way. Like the fire inside her soul burning all you are and leaving wasted ash but don’t be weary out of destruction sprouts something new. A new chance for you to be anyone you want to be, so let flourish and watch all the work the fire did be reversed as the forest grows.

You say it’s over life burned in your eyes don’t give up hope no not just yet she’s not worth your life. Look at the stars on a pitch black night and you’ll see there’s always a brighter place for you to go. Love is out there so what if she was wrong keep your head up. Listen to these final words, love isn’t hard love isn’t wrong when your lover is right.

Growing, thriving, forest grows slowly replacing all the holes till there are none left, still a scare is left to remind what has been. You’re on your gaining strength everyday, show her she can’t claim all she wants and you will stand strong. You have the marks permanent now etched in your skin; don’t give into her lying tears she’ll just try to claim you again leave waste in the path. Let the rains pour down killing the fire and feeding the forest.

You say it’s over life burned in your eyes don’t give up hope no not just yet she’s not worth your life. Look at the stars on a pitch black night and you’ll see there’s always a brighter place for you to go. Love is out there so what if she was wrong keep your head up. Listen to these final words, love isn’t hard love isn’t wrong when your lover is right.

Now the rain falls aiding the growth of this peaceful place and in return the trees keep life going strong. Look at you know better than before with another love on your arm helping you grow as you help her. Look down on the fires and the you can say

It isn’t over life growing in my eyes I won’t give up hope no not just yet you’re not worth my time. Love is out there. So what you were wrong for me, I’ll hang my head high and these are my final words so listen up love wasn’t hard, love wasn’t wrong, cause my lover is right.

-BSC 1/12/07

Life to me feels
Like its slipping like
Sand trapped in a clock
As each grain falls
Another moment lies
Forgotten to all
Including me
Lost in my
Own dreams
Is real
And what
Is a lie yet
The sand keeps
Falling keeps on
Slipping past another
Moment passing until
The day we say Goodbye

brandon's my space
First in Anchorage to Graduate  

Brandon Scott Cope will be the first senior in Anchorage, Alaska to graudate after his death.  

After Brandon died all I wanted was to see  him get what he worked so very hard for.  He will not go to college, get married, or have kids or have a wonderful life that I wished he would have, BUT there was one thing I thought I could change and that was to get him to graduate with his senior class. Really what harm is there in that right? He was a senior and he was just a few credits short. So I went to the school where  I met with Mr. Stone and he did not see where there would be a problem in this, but he knew that he had to bring it up to the "higher powers" as did I.  So we both did our thing.  He asked, I wrote my letter " a mothers wish" to EVERY school board member and sent it out. It did not meet with open arms with Carol Comeau and Mike Henry as they are very by the book people and told Mr. Stone "NO, Brandon does not have enough credits,  he can not graduate".  Mr. Stone emailed me and said what was going on but I kept on. Carol then emailed me she would meet with me in person. I figured Great now she will tell me in person. So I made it for after the holidays so I could get my "plan" into action. 

Little did I know sometime before xmas Scott had contacted Palins office and they contacted the office of Education (above Comeau) and they called Scott to ask about what was happening with MY WISH. He told them a little about it and said we had a meeting Friday the 12th. She wished him luck and said to please call her to let her know the "outcome".

We went to the meeting loaded with all Brandon's honors stuff, transcripts, report cards, letters, things I found o the internet where seniors from other states have graduated and was just ready to fight. They asked WHY? Scott and myself explained that he was a gifted student that worked hard and was on track to graduate- had his life not been taken away from him that day.  He worked hard and his  senior class- from the jocks to the nerds all know him.  He was not someone to just forget, that we raised $2000.00 for the orchestra. This was something that I really felt strongly about, him graduating with his 08 class at West. 

The four of them just looked at us and Carol smiled and said that they are going to let him graduate with honors but it will be an honoray degree because he does not have all his credits but because he was on track they did feel he would have graduated. They are not sure quite yet how it will all play out as he is the FIRST in Anchorage to be getting the honor. But they will let his name be called out and his name be in the pamphlet at graduation. Not sure if one of us gets to pick up his degree for him with his class or how it will work but I will get to "see" Brandon cross that line as I always hoped and knew  he would. I just wish he was ALIVE to do it.

May 14, 2008 @ Sullivan Arena We would love for all to be there to support the family and our love for our son.

The Rabbit Hole  
In the play Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire, a mother describes the loss of her child after eleven years as this- 

  "The weight of it, I guess. At some point it becomes bearable. It turns into something you can crawl out from under. And carry around--like a brick in your pocket. And you forget it every once in a while, but then you reach in for whatever reason and there it is: "Oh right. That." 
Which can be awful.  But not all the time. Sometimes it's kinda . . .Not that you like it exactly, but it's what you have instead of your child, so you don't wanna  let go of it either. So you carry it around. And it doesn't go away, which  is fine."

destructive scar By Brandon S. cope  
This was written By Brandon and he wanted people to know what he went through so that people can learn and maybe not do things to hurt themselves.  He was in a bad place when Zyla broke up with him, he was still in love with Frankie , he was a lost soul looking for love...and and man came out on the ice when he was refering and hit him and the police could not "do anything about it". I was not sure about placing this on here but I know that he wants others to learn and know that he GREW and was a better person.  He helped SO MANY people through so much and brought back so many people from "hurting" themselves or worse. I am grateful for the part of Brandon that was a guardian Angel , as I know others are.  So here what he wrote about his scar he did to himself.......

                                   Destructive SCAR 

    Each scar on the body has its own story to tell.  Some sicker than others as we all know.  Some may only take three words to tell the tale, while others may take a book, while others may or never should be told. I've got a collection on my arms, legs, torso, head, butt, foot and hand but only one self inflicted. Yes that is what I said.  I did it.  Upon my left arm, looking back at me grinning sickly, it reads, "DEATH". This is the scar whose story is sickening to hear but to those who will hear (read) it the story behind it will change lives or your point of view anyway.

   It all started one warm, no wait, it started when a girl and I broke up because her mother would not let us date and I was done with that.  I loved her.  She just did not get that.  So I moved on.  I Just could not handle this secret crap anymore. Okay One October day slightly clouded over but the sun shone through. The smell of cheep plastic mask and sweet candy was in the air that Halloween but I was not dressing up to go out trick or treating , I was  dressing up to see this new girl..... She came over in tight blue jeans, thrashed black Vans with South Park laces, her worn out Slipknot hoodie and a skin tight black shirt with flowers printed all over it.  It was just a visit as friends and we were just watching movies in my room,with blue walls with random splates of bright orange all over it.  My big screen tv directly across from my bed just perfeclty so that the sound flooded over the entire room giving a perfect harmony that made the ears clam.  I looked into her eyes deeply seeing all the desire, pain, want, and told her, "don't hate me for this" I kissed her deeply, passionately and let it last for only a moment gazing into her eyes. Again to see the purest form of happiness appear she then whipered back, "for what?" I smiled and held her close, feeling her heart beating in gentile unison with mine and like for the first time in what felt like forever the person I has holding belonged there in my arms close to me. At that time I thought I was complete and never wanted that night to pass but pass it did. Looking back at that night it was the BEST TIME I EVER HAD WITH HER, just the kiss was great
   The year past slowly and we had constant PROMBLEMS. (She was in love with girls) The more pain I felt, the more that everything seemed dark.  The harder I tried to fix things for her. Everything she did tore me up on the inside and I caused just as much pain but we stayed together and the summer I learned that our time was short.  She was moving far away and if things went the way that they were suppose to I would never see my love again.  Every night I cried with tears that burned the face and tore apart my soul making my life itself seem so small and making everything seem worthless.  Making my thoughts of death seem tempting.  My mom saw all the pain in me and let her move in with us. That made everything better for a time. 

   Soon though (she got what she wanted, to stay here in Anchorage) the pain and underlinning trouble came back.  We were constantly fighting every night we were together and soon I could not go anywhere without making her mad.  It seemed the only time we ever felt like we did on that first night was when we were apart.  LOVE was replaced by hate and we became more like hated enemies than lovers.  This lead to the BREAK UP.... It was a normal conversion. I called her and asked her how her weekend had been going cause she had stay the night with Rachel. WE said Goodbye and that it was over, I love yous and then...... She ASKED if she could dated another in this same conversation.  What the fuck?Who was she into? Instantly I filled with rage inside, my soul was just freaked. I told her she could never come back to my house and that it was over. I went from a bad relationship to worse and I became DEPRESSED>>>> In a last ditch effort to HURT HER like she hurt me. I took a pencil to my arm and carved DEATH into my arm.  IT HURT me but it KILLED her inside when she saw it. Then to see her move on was just so painful.  We got ugly. I was unkind and she no better. Things only got worse and the PAIN I felt on the inside finally got to me and I CUT DEEPER WITH A DAGGER and the pain came to me with sick smell of blood.  

    That is the story that this scar tells and it reminds me EVERYDAY that NO matter what NEVER to let myself fall down that road again.  Life will pick up again.  You just can't lose HOPE in it. ........ That's the lesson I learned from a self destructive moment of INSANITY...........
Poems Brandon S. Cope  
         KEY HOLE
You hold the key to me
Hold me near and never fear
The lock will never change
You hold the key to unlock my soul
No worries dear I know it will fit
 This is the key hole to my heart
Only you hold the key to my love

Do you see the key I hold
I was born with it in my hand
It didn't fit the others hearts
We were not meant to be
You and I have crossed again for this reason 
This is my key and I know it's for your heart

           First Sight
Do you believe in love ar first sight?
Or in love at first feel or even love at all?
There once was a time and place
All of this seemed so far away
Then one day baby, I found you
So yes, I believe there is something more
Since  I set me eyes on you. 
My heart now belongs to only you. 

Love is the greatest feeling.
Love is like a play.
Love is what I feel when I am with you, each and every day.
Love is like a song.
Love is a great emotion, that keeps us growing strong.
I love you with my whole heart, body and soul. 
I love the way I keep loving you, like a love I can't control.
So remember when your eyes meet mine ,the why you feel as our eyes connect right then.  Not a moment later. 
I love you with all I have, I have poured my entire soul into you.
I have given you everything I have right from the very start so never doubt this love I have for you, cause it will never stop. 
I will find a way to show you my love is pure and I will never hurt you again.  I love you more today than the next. our love is what I am driven on and there is nothing going to change that. 
I love you like a river ever twisting, never ending just getting deeper and running into the ocean. 
Love is never ending between two such as us. 
Love is.... if you want it to be. 
I love you babie girl with all that I have and all that I am.

The Key by Frankie  
The Key
Late at night,
when the tears roll down my face,
I remember all that layed in my wake
and I pray for my angel to come,
to save me from this world,
this world of love,

At the end of this world,
My angel awaits me,
and in his arms,
I will find the key,
the answer to everything,
the answer,
to my dreams,

With bloody wings my angel flies,
with blood from my heart,
and tears from my eyes,

lost in a world of confusion and chaos,
broken promises, untold truths,
this world will never change,
and i will never be the same,

My heart will bleed,
from one thousand lies,
one thousand broken promises,
and it will break every time,

this world of love,
will never change,
and i will never be the same,

the answer to my pain,
lies in his arms,
My angel awaits me,
and and I wait for the answer,
the key,
to my heart
his poems on line

brandon wrote this in grade school go to the web site and check it out

his other memorial page 

This one was the first one Grandma had done with his obit.  please go take a look. It will be up and running until August 08.
Donor Brandon lives on in a chosen few!  
Brandon became a donor. This letter was written to us from Life Alaska Donor Services. August 28, 2007

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cope, 

My heart goes out to you after the death of you son, Brandon. No words of mine can easy your grief, but I want you to know I am sorry for the pain you are feeling. As a parent myself, this is especially heartbreaking. The kindness you have shown in choosing tissue donation to help others is a special gift that will never be forgotten.

I am writing to let you know the many lives that you will be touched through your compassion and Brandon's gifts of life. A 42-year old woman and a 39-year old woman in Washington state have regained their sight through the transplant of Brandon's corneas. Their ability to see the things and people we so often take for granted will change their lives and those of loved ones. Two people should receive lifesaving heart valve transplants through your son's donation. Without valve transplants these individuals would still be experiencing the agonizing wait for a second chance of life. Four people may receive tendon transplants allowing then to walk, run, and participate in what ever Alaska-type activities they wish, free from knee pain. Bone transplants will be for those with non-healing fractures, bone cancer, trauma repair, birth defects, or hip replacement surgeries. It may be that some one will be spared the devastation of amputation by a major bone transplant. Several potential vien transplants may mean a limb-saving vein bypass surgery. For all of these recipients and their families, life will take on a very special signifiacance knowing that you and your son have given them the most precious gifts possible. 

The staff members at the Office of the State Medical Examiner, Cross Road Medial Center, and Witzleben Funeral Home were supportive in honoring your donation wishes. We are indebted to them for their efforts. 

All of us at Life Alaska extend our heartfelt sorrow. We will bw a resource for you in any way we can, and would welcome your call. 
Sincerely, Bruce
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